Prof. Dr. Sabine Becker

Scientific Career

Sabine Becker studied chemistry at the Justus-Liebig university Giessen, where she obtained her bachelor degree in 2008 and her master degree in 2010. Afterwards, she joined the lab of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schindler to focus on multinuclear copper complexes and clusters. She obtained her Dr. rer. nat. in 2014 and graduated with summa cum laude. The research during her PhD was supported by a fellowship of the Fonds der chemischen Industrie (VCI), which she obtained in 2011. After another year as postdoc in the Schindler lab, Sabine Becker joined the research group of  Prof. Stephen J. Lippard, PhD at MIT (USA), where she conducted research about the modulation of neurological processes by zinc ions. Her stay abroad was funded by a postdoc fellowship of Leopoldina - National Academy of Sciences.

Since May 2017, Sabine Becker is a junior professor in inorganic chemistry at the TU Kaiserslautern, where she succesfully passed her mid-term evaluation in January 2020. From April 2022 until July 2022, she was a visiting professor for bioinorganic chemistry at the university of Vienna. In Ocotber 2023, she was appointed full professor (W2) at the RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau. Her research focuses on catalysis with multinuclear copper and iron complexes, reactive intermediates in copper complexes as well as on the preparation of chelators and fluorescent sensors to investigate metal ions in the central nervous system.


  • since 03/2020: Fellow of the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund
  • Postdoc: Leopoldina Postdoc Fellowship, Leopoldina - National Academy of Sciences (2015-2017)
  • PhD: Chemiefonds-Stipendium, Stiftung Stipendien-Fond of the VCI (2011-2013)


  • 03/2020 Award for Equality and Gender Activities of the TU Kaiserslautern
  • 02/2019 Poster prize, Bruker-AXS/MIT Symposium 2019, Cambridge, USA
  • 02/2013 Poster prize, Bioinorganic Chemistry Meeting 2013, Lanzarote
  • 02/2012 Speaker award, Koordinationschemikertreffen 2012, Dortmund
  • 06/2011 Award from the deanship (FB08, JLU Giessen) for playing an active role in diverse committees
  • 03/2011 Poster prize, Koordinationschemikertreffen 2011, Stuttgart
  • 08/2010 Photo award for "Everything is Chemistry" at the 3rd EuCheMS Chemistry Congress
  • 10/2007 Tuition waver for top 10%
  • 04/2007 Award for study achievements ("Freunde der chemischen Institute e.V.")
  • 06/2005 Several awards for accomplishing the Abitur with best marks




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