Lectures and practical courses

of Prof. Dr. Werner R. Thiel


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Inorganic function al materials

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Werner R. Thiel

Relevant course: MaCh: 3. Sem. and others

Turnus: winter term

Place/time: im WS 2021/22 from 01/07 2022 each Friday from 14.00 h - 15.30 h and from16.00 h – 17.30 h in lecture hall 46-280



- inorganic pigments, fluoreszent materials, chromophores for different technical applications
- silicates
- structured porous materials, zeolites, mesoporous silica gels, alumo phosphates
- silicones, phosphazenes
- inorganic and metalorganic polymers, MOFs,
- electrically conducting polymers
- lithium ion cells