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Dr. Heiko Bauer



PhD-Thesis 2013

"Alkylcyclopentadienyl Complexes of Iron, Nickel and Zirconium"

Dipl. Chem. Ina Schädlich

PhD student


Room 54/667 A

Phone +49 631 204-2531

E-mail schaedl(at)

Research projects:

- isomerisation and metathesis of methyloleate

- nickel catalysts

Dipl. Chem. Oliver A. Groß

PhD student


Room 54/669 B

Phone +49 631 205-2475

E-mail oagross(at)

Research project:

- oligonuclear high spin iron complexes

Stephanie Weber

Teacher exam 2013

Tobias Eger

Diploma Thesis 2014

Cyclopentadienyl half-sandwich complexes with iron and aluminum

Layla Aykat

Master student

Johannes Jöckle

Master student

Joline Jochum

Master student

Christiane Kaiser

Master student

Dorothee Kranz

Master student

Nicole Reinert

Master student

Marie-Kristin Salzmann

Master student

Karina Schmidt

Master student

Jasmin Schneider

Master student

Sebastian Schäfer

Diploma Thesis October 2012

Novel alkyl cyclopentadienyl zirconium complexes in various oxidation states

Evelyn Foit

Thesis 2012

Dipl. Chem. Julia Becker

Diploma Thesis May 2012

Synthesis and Characterisation of bulky Cyclopentadienyl Cobalt Complexes

Dr. Daniel Weismann

Dissertation april 2011

Subject: Extremly bulky and extremly reactive tetra- and pentaalkylcyclopentadienyl complexes of iron and nickel for the activation of N2, H2 and C-H activation

Since march 2012: Postdoctoral position at the King Abdullah University of Science and Techology

Christine Birtel

State examination 2010



Stephanie Leyendecker

State examination 2010


Peter Heidweiler

State examination 2010


Dr. Valeri Quindt



Project: pigments

Dipl. Chem. Elena Bogdan

Diploma thesis 2008

Eva Langhauser

State examination

Thorsten Schmitz

State examination

Miriam Funk

State examination

Marion Barrois

State examination

Dr. Alsu Kafiyatullina

Postdoc: april 2005 - july 2008

Dr. Christian Färber

Research Group Prof. Dr. U. Siemeling, University of Kassel

Diploma thesis 1999

Subject: Highly substituted chromocenes and reactions of high spin manganocenes

Dissertation 2005

Subject: Optically active cyclopentadienyl ligands with [2.2.1]-bicyclic substituens from the chiral pool and complexes with titanium and zirconium

Postdoc: november 2005 - july 2007

Dipl. Chem. Zhang Xi

Diploma thesis 2007

Subject: Synthesis of alkylated cyclopentadienyl nickel complexes

Dipl. Chem. Andreas Bendel

Diplom thesis 2005

Subject: New optically active fulvenes with the starting materials camphor und menthone of the chiral pool for the synthesis of chiral cyclopentadienes

Dipl. Chem. Felix Rudolphi

Diploma thesis 2005

Subject: 3d-transition metal complexes with bulky cyclopentadienyl ligands

Dr. Andreas Reis

Diploma thesis 2005

Subject: The synthesis of fulvenes - A key step on the way to sterically demanding cyclopentadienyl ligands

Mathias Menzel

Diploma thesis 2005

Subject: Iron complexes with cyclopentadienyl ylidene ligands

Dr. Robert L. Jones


Subject: Photochromic Switches on Polyolefin Catalysts

Dr. Dirk Bentz

Diploma thesis 2001

Subject: Alkylcyclopentadienyl complexes with barium, samarium and Cerium

Dissertation 2005

Subject: Complexe of zinc, cadmium, lanthanum, Cerium und Samarium with bulky alkylcyclopentadienyl ligands

Dr. Marc D. Walter

Diploma thesis 2001

Subject: Cyclopentadienyl- and optically active pentadienylcomplexes with heavy alkaline earth metals and selected Lanthanides

Dissertation 2005

Subject: Structure and bonding studies of paramagnetic metallocens and their adducts of the d- and f-block metals

Dipl. Chem. Guy Y. Vollmer

Diploma thesis 2003

Subject: Reactions of dinuclear cyclopentadienyl iron(II) halides

Dr. Frank Zimmer

Diploma thesis 2000

Subject: Conversion of 6,6-diphenylfulvene with lithiated ferrocenes

Dissertation 2003

Subject: The tri(tert.-butyl)cyclopentadienyl nickel fragment as building block for syntheses

Dr. Marc Wallasch

Diploma thesis 1999

Subject: Metallocenelike anions of heavy alkaline metals

Dissertation 2002

Subject: High spin cyclopentadienyl iron complexes as edukts for the synthesis of novel half-sandwich compounds

Dipl. Chem. Christian Herber

Diploma thesis 2001

Synthesis and structure of {4-(+)-neopentyl-1,2-bis(trimethylsilyl)-cyclopentadienyl}(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) titanium dichlorid

Dr. Oliver Schmitt

Diploma thesis1998

Subject: Multiple alkylated cyclopentadienyl copmlexes with titanium und zirkconium

Dissertation 2001
Subject: Extremly bulky alkylcyclopentadienides in the chemisty of the Lanthanides

Dr. Frank Weber

Diplomathesis 1998

Thema: Metallocenes of the heavy alkaline earth metals with bulky alkylsubstituents


Promotion 2001

Subject: Steriscally demanding alkylcyclopentadienyles in the chemistry of the alkaline earth metals and the rare earth metals

Dipl. Chem. Matthias Bastian

Diploma thesis 2000

Subject: Synthesis and reactions of bis(tert-butylamidodimethylsilyl)indene

Dr. Dirk Saurenz

Diploma thesis1997

Subject: Dia- and paramagnetic tetraisopropylcyclopentadienyl nickel complexes

Dissertation 2000

Subject: Synthesis and reactivity of alkylcyclopentadienyl nickel complexes

Dr. Marion Schär

Diploma thesis 1995

Subject: Paramagnetic tetraisopropylcyclopentadienyl nickel complexes

Dissertation 1998

Subject: Metallocenes of manganese, chromium and molybdenum with interesting magnetical properties

Dr. Thomas Dezember

Diploma thesis1992

Thema: Preparation and investigation of the pentaisopropylcyclopentadienyliumion

Dissertation 1996

Subject: 16-, 17-, and 18-Valence electron complexes with alkylated cyclopentadienyl- and fulvene ligands

Postdoc 1996 - 1998

Dr. Ralf Krammer

Diploma thesis1994

Subject: Synthesis of novel ligandsystemes for titanium- and zirconium-halfsandwich complexes for olefine polymerisation

Dissertation 1997

Subject: Synthesis and reactivity of paramagnetic cobalt complexes with sterically demanding cyclopentadienyl ligands

Dr. Yvonne Ehleiter

Diploma thesis1993

Subject: Nitrosyl cobalt complexes with multiple alkylated cyclopentadienyl ligands

Dissertaion 1996

Subject: Compounds of 13. and 15. group elements with multiple alkylated cyclopentdienyl ligands

Dr. Pu Zhou

Dissertation 1993

Subject: Titanium-, zirconium- and hafnium complexes with multiple alkylated cyclopentadienyl ligands

Dr. Dirk Stein

Diploma thesis1989
Subject: Synthesis of 1,2,3,4,5-pentaethylcyclopentadiene

Dissertation 1993

Subject: Synthesis and reactivity of multiple alkylsubstituted Metallocenes

Dipl. Chem. Jürgen W. G. Bentz

Diploma thesis 1990

Subject: Halfsandwich complexes of nickel with highly alkylated cyclopentadienyl ligands